Morning ritual for a positive start to the day

Frau macht Yoga, Morgenritual für Entspannung, Positive Energie

This morning ritual is a really powerful series of 15 exercises to wake up your body, recharge it with energy and practice self-love. You can easily do these 10 exercises in 10 minutes - every morning and incorporate them into your personal morning routine.

I learned these exercises from my holistic health coach Nico about 7 months ago and have been doing them every day since. Everyone I've shared these exercises with since then really enjoys them, which is why I'm making this video and article.

You can do these exercises anywhere. Of course, if you do them outside in the fresh morning air it's a special bonus.

1st exercise: head massage

We start with a head massage, here we comb through the hair with our hands and massage the head and scalp. This can be very pleasant to relieve tension.

2nd exercise: Ear massage

Next we massage our ears. Just take your hands and massage your ears. You can fold your ears, you can touch them, you can touch them a little bit inside. Really try to touch every part of your ears. Be kind but not too gentle, you should really feel that you are massaging your ears.
Here you are touching some special inner points on one ear.

Morgenritual 2

3rd Exercise: QI Face Cream

Next, we generate some energy and heat in our hands through friction. Some warmth, some QI - now imagine that your hands are filled with a cream of QI energy. Massage this "cream" into your face, over your eyes, eyebrows, neck and nose. You can also touch your nose and move it slightly in both directions. Apply this QI energy cream thoroughly to your face.

Morgenritual 3

4th Exercise: Circling the Eyes

Next, we circle our eyes. We make big circles with our eyes without moving our head too much. While doing this, we go in both directions and make a big circle with our eyes. 👀

Morgenritual 4

5th Exercise: Loosening the Jaw

Now we are going to do a loosening for our jaw. Take your hands, squeeze your fingers together a little bit and press down on the side of your head by your cheeks. Pull your hands down with some pressure, feel them and then open your jaw.

Morgenritual 5

Exercise 6: Facial Yoga

Now we're going to do some facial yoga. We open our face, make grimaces, make a sour face, look up, look down. Move your eyebrows, get really crazy with your facial movements. Move every part of your face.

Morgenritual 6

7. exercise: head movements and spinal waves

Next, we're going to do some head movements and some spinal waves. We're going to do this really comfortably and very slowly. We're going to make a little circle with our head. As we do this, we go from left to right, top to bottom. We move our head in all directions and try to roll our head and our neck a little bit. We can also do a figure eight and let that transition into a movement of the entire spine. We move our spine sideways and also make a wave-like movement forward with our spine. Probably should be more flexible here than I currently am.

Morgenritual 7

8th Exercise: Rolling the Shoulders

Next up is our shoulders. We roll our shoulders backwards and forwards. After some time, we let this rolling transition into circling with our arms.

Morgenritual 8

9th exercise: hips

Now we do hip circles, here we let our hips circle and really feel how far we can go, how big we can make our circles. We go in different directions and can also make a figure eight with our hips. It's about really bringing attention to our hips and feeling where we are and where we are standing and how far we can move our hips.

10th Exercise: Knees

Now we bring our hands over our knees and move our knees in circles. We bring our attention back to our knees and feel how far we can go. We can go in either direction. We can go in different directions and really feel into our knees. Do we feel tension? Do we feel a difference in both knees? We do this exercise very comfortably, we don't want to stress our bodies.


11th Exercise: Compass Stretch

Now we do the compass stretch. We bend forward and try to keep our legs straight. Now we lean back. Now let's lean to the side, feel your breath in the side as it goes into your ribcage. Find end points again and have a sharpened awareness in all directions. Don't overdo it. Don't do too much, it shouldn't be too strenuous.

Morgenritual 11

12th Exercise: Squats

Now we do squats and again focus our attention on the legs. We can open to the sides by lifting our arm upwards. We can also stretch a little by moving forward and in all directions.

Morgenritual 12a

13th Exercise: Acupressure Points

And now we work on our acupressure points. As I breathe in, I hit the back of my neck with both of my hands. I should really feel the blow. I don't want to hurt myself, of course, but I should really feel a blow on my acupressure points. And I breathe in while hitting my acupressure points.

For the next movement, we can breathe normally. We don't need to breathe in a special way. We just turn our upper body and hit our neck and lower back. You shouldn't be too gentle here, because you should feel it. Now I'm hitting my stomach and my lower back at the same time. The breathing is not designed in any particular way. I just try to really touch my acupressure points and feel it when I hit myself.

I hope you enjoyed these exercises and incorporate them into your morning practices. Let me know in the comments how it worked for you.

Morgenritual - Akupressur-Punkte

14th Exercise: Body Tapping

Next, I tap my body. I start at my feet and just go up with both hands and feel myself tapping my body. And again, you don't want to be too gentle, but you don't want to hurt yourself either. You really want to feel it, wake up your body and bring energy and awareness to every part of your body.

Morgenritual - Abklopfen

15th Exercise: Shaking

We're going to end this morning session with some shaking. Just jump around a little bit, shake out your legs and your arms and try to shake faster than you can really control. Now jump and try to land with both feet apart. This morning ritual is fun and grounds you for the day. I hope you enjoyed these exercises and incorporate them into your daily routine.

Morgenritual - Schütteln

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