Nootropics explained - Wellness for the head

Nootropic Nahrungsergänzungsmittel, Kapseln neben Wasser, Wellness for the brain

What are nootropics and what effect do they have?

Already established in Silicon Valley for decades, nootropics are known in Europe at the latest through the film Limitless. After Bradley Cooper discovers mysterious pills in it, he becomes almost superhumanly smart. This powerful effect is only seen in Hollywood movies, but the basic idea actually corresponds to the effect of nootropics. But what are nootropics actually?

Nootropics allow you to become smarter, more focused, more present, more motivated, or even more relaxed. Depending on the ingredient, the effects can go more in one direction or the other.

Almost everyone already consumes a nootropic without knowing that it is a nootropic: ☕️Coffee or green tea or the caffeine contained in them. Due to its effect of making us feel perky, caffeine is classified as a nootropic. Other nootropic supplements consist of a combination of several active ingredients, like our VITPEB®BRAIN.

Who are Nootropics suitable for?

Nootropics are perfect for all people who want to optimize their mental performance and well-being.

Depending on the active ingredient, nootropics can help you learn better, reduce stress, fall asleep better, be more motivated and positive through life, just to name a few possible effects.

Are nootropics allowed in?

Most common nootropics are allowed in Switzerland, the EU and also in almost all other countries. The legal situation is different in each country, but basically the following can be said: Nootropics, substances with a positive effect on the brain, usually fall into one of the following categories:

  • Food
  • Food supplements
  • Medicines (usually available only on prescription)

While most medications require a prescription, dietary supplements are freely available. Nevertheless, especially in Switzerland, food supplements are highly regulated and subject to strict quality specifications and controls. VITPEB, for example, is registered with and monitored by the Cantonal Laboratory of Zurich.

Buying Nootropics - what should I look out for?

Buying nootropics is easy, but buying the RIGHT nootropics is not so easy. This is what you should look out for:

  1. What country does the product come from? Regulations vary from country to country and even in the EU they are not the same everywhere. Swiss products are subject to very strict, sometimes different requirements than products from Germany, the USA or China, for example.
  2. How high are individual ingredients dosed? "A lot goes a long way" is unfortunately not always true with dietary supplements. Nevertheless, it unfortunately happens again and again that ingredients are dosed much too low.
  3. Are the ingredients bio-available in this form? Bio-availability, that is, the ability of the body to "use" the active ingredient, depends on many factors, including the dosage form. Gummy bear-type supplements, for example, taste delicious but have a much lower bioavailability than, say, capsules containing powder.
  4. Is the amount contained per ingredient apparent? Some products do not indicate the amount contained per ingredient, but group several ingredients into a so-called "blend" - this is often done for cost reasons, in order to be able to dose some ingredients low without it being directly noticeable.
  5. Is the expected effect also scientifically proven in this dosage? This point is one of the most central when choosing a nootropic: 10 cups of espresso will wake up even a dead man. You can't feel 1 drop of espresso. So if a study proves that coffee perks you up, it's important to see how much of it was given to the subjects. The same principle applies to all nootropics. If a study proves that active ingredient X has effect Y, then it is not said that an effect can be expected at half the dosage. VITPEB® products are therefore formulated exclusively on the basis of scientific studies.

    Conclusion: Nootropics explained and what is important

    Nootropics have a positive effect on the brain. They enable you to become smarter, more focused, more present, more motivated or even more relaxed. Origin, dosage, bioavailability, transparency and scientific foundation are decisive quality features.

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