Causes and solutions for lack of concentration

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Sometimes you find it hard to concentrate? Things you wanted to do in 5 minutes sometimes take half an hour? Doing little with a lot of time is no fun. Life becomes more and more difficult and suffers from lack of concentration. But be careful: Focus is not innate.

A high level of concentration can also be trained. Here we show you causes and solutions for lack of concentration. With concrete tips and solutions into the focus.

This much is revealed in advance: Your smartphone and modern lifestyle are massive contributors. Many apps are made to capture your attention, whether it's TikTok, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube - you're expected to be in the app as long as possible and consume as many ads as possible. More and more people expect you to reply to messages immediately, and messaging apps make sure to distract you at all times with beeps. Let's face it, how often do really important messages arrive that we couldn't handle answering just once a day?

Luckily, there are ways and means to fully exploit your concentration potential and work in a focused manner, even in the modern world.

Is it possible to work with concentration while multitasking?

Concentration requires real focus and focus can be described as "paying special attention" to just one thing. True attention, by definition, precludes multitasking. Many people try multitasking to either distract themselves from a task to make it more enjoyable, or they try multitasking to get more done in the same amount of time. Neither works in practice.

The human brain can only pursue one thought at a time. Multitasking therefore means constantly switching focus between several different tasks. Thus, no concentrated work is possible. Performance decreases by at least 40% and even simple tasks suddenly double. Even a tenfold increase in the time spent is said to have occurred.

Tip 1: More concentration with more focus

Get rid of multitasking. Instead, practice activities to strengthen your ability to concentrate. Whether it's chess, a musical instrument, or challenging art, it's all about living in the moment. Make absolute focus in the present indispensable, then concentration will work.

If we can be focused in one area of our life (chess, for example), then we will find it much easier to build concentration in other areas as well.

Tip 2: The Pomodore technique for more focus and concentration

The Pomodore technique is especially popular among students. It works in 3 simple steps. In the first step you define a clear goal. What do I want to achieve in the next e.g. 25 minutes? To achieve this goal, the second step is to remove all possible distractions. For example, the smartphone is turned off and social media is deactivated on the laptop. Now take a manual timer that can also turn 25 minutes, usually a kitchen clock. In the 3 step after setting the time, you only work on your previously defined goal during that time and solve it. It is important to work on this one goal with full attention. After the 25 minutes it is time for a short 5 minute break.

With the Pomodore technique, you train your brain to work with focus and concentration for 25 minutes at a time.

Distractions are the enemy of focus and consented work

In the first step of the Pomodore Technique, we first eliminate distractions. There's a reason for this. Entrepreneurial greats like Steve Jobs, who was famous and infamous for his ability to focus, know that you can only focus on a limited number of tasks at a time.

Tip 3: Learn to say no!

Focus means saying no! To say. No to distractions. No to tasks that take you away from your goal. Everything that is not important and therefore distracts us from the really important tasks must be stopped.

How often do we invent tasks just to avoid dealing with the really important tasks? It helps immensely to have your goal clearly in mind. Because there are many distractions that want to take us away from it.

Clutter affects our brain's ability to focus. This doesn't mean that the kitchen has to be cleaned before the important task - an example of a task that suddenly seems important, but in reality is not.

Consumption can be distracting. So don't buy things you don't need, especially to impress people you don't know or like. Even invitations can be declined - why let someone steal half a day from you if it doesn't add value?

Tip 4: Get away from electronic devices

More and more, electronic devices like our smartphone are taking over our lives. To take back control of your life you need to take action yourself. Keep in mind that the purpose of many apps on the little pocket computer is only to steal your attention. They claw your attention and turn it into money while you suffer from lack of concentration.

It's literally in your hands. For best concentration, create a cell phone-free zone. Put your phone out of sight and turn on airplane mode or turn it right off. This state is ideal for your concentration. Many concentration coaches recommend leaving your smartphone in this state from evening until noon the next day. This way, the real things can get done in the morning, morning, and evening before the messages start coming in like bullets.

You don't have to be available all the time. It's only important to communicate it to your friends if necessary. The smartphone also affects your ability to concentrate when it is muted. Only by the sight of the smartphone your chances to work successfully concentrated decrease.

Targeted stress to increase concentration?

When the deadline is slowly approaching, it also works with the concentration. So it seems reasonable to assume that targeted stress can help us to concentrate? That may work in the short term. In the long term, however, we need to take a more differentiated view of stress. Is it negative stress or positive stress associated with positive feelings?

Negative stress is impossible to sustain for long. Mental health suffers massively and there are negative effects such as a shortened attention span with impaired judgement. Too much stress achieves exactly the opposite of the desired result.

Tip 5: Meditation for more concentration

It is scientifically proven that regular meditation is a way to more concentration. Anyone can start meditating. The most popular apps are 7-Mind and Headspace. Remember though, turn off smartphone, don't forget afterwards. Headspace shows you ways to meditate and introduces you to the practice.

With some experience, after some time you will notice that meditation brings you more focus and concentration. You will work more creatively and go through life more relaxed.

The positive effects of meditation are now used by the military as well as large corporations such as Alphabet for their soldiers and employees. Employees who meditate regularly are happier, less likely to get sick and less likely to be distracted.

In addition, listening to "brown noise" music can be helpful during intense periods of concentration. This supports calm and concentrated work. We have compiled a Spotify playlist for this purpose. Click here to listen to our VITPEB Focus Playlist on Spotify.

More concentration through more focus made easy - the conclusion

The main cause of lack of focus is lack of focus. We need to learn to say no again! To say. We can take our lives back from electronic devices. Little time in the day when we can focus Effectively use it to achieve our goals.

Have the courage and put away your smartphone and start a new focused work.

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